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Market analysis of USB type C data cable at present

USB type C was supported by many manufacturers in 2015. Apple, Google and other manufacturers have launched products with USB type C interface. Is USB type C as cold as it is rumored? When we choose USB type C cable, what kind of choice should we make?

According to the analysis of lvlian, there are few USB type C interface devices in the current market, and there are fewer type C interface standard devices that really meet the USB 3.1 specification. For a large number of existing Android device related products, such as USB charger, are type A interface. At present, the market is more for USB type C and type a conversion cable.

As the main body of Android mobile device adopts USB2.0 standard interface, currently, mobile devices such as LETV mobile phone and Nokia N1 tablet adopt USB2.0 standard. Therefore, the current USB type C adopts USB2.0 standard, which can meet the needs of existing Android devices. If equipped with usb3.1 standard wire, it will appear rigid and not light, and the advantages of usb3.1 speed can not be brought into play.

According to the current market situation, Greenlink has launched a number of USB type C data cable adapters to meet the actual needs of users

Greenlink USB type C to USB2.0 data cable charging cable

Greenlink USB type C data cable to USB2.0 ultra fast charging and rapid data transmission are correct. Connect the universal USB charging interface. Take Greenlink plug-in as an example, connect the 2.4a intelligent USB charging interface to charge the LETV mobile phone. The peak current can reach 2a and it can be fully charged in 2 hours.

At the same time, the green link USB type C data cable has strong compatibility. It can also charge the new MacBook by connecting to the universal USB charging interface. This product is available on tmall and other platforms

Lvlian USB type C to USB2.0 bus data line

This data cable is convenient for new MacBook USB type C interface to connect the current mobile hard disk, U disk, keyboard and mouse, etc. it is convenient for users to connect the existing devices directly to new MacBook.

Lvlian USB type C to Mini USB data cable charging cable

This data cable can be used to connect USB 2.0 T-port devices for data transmission and charging. In practice, it takes about 30 seconds to connect the tablet computer and new MacBook with the Greenlink USB type C data cable to transfer 1GB files, and it can reach the normal charging speed.

This Greenlink USB type C cable is convenient for cameras with Mini USB interface to connect with new MacBook

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