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Embracing usb-c, Microsoft launched surface usb-c docking station

With the exception of surface Book 2, all surface users have complained a lot about the fact that Microsoft has not implemented the USB type-C interface on the body. Fortunately, Microsoft has thought of a way - the surface connector, which is the exclusive magnetic suction charging port, can be used as such a switching option. This week, Microsoft will officially launch the official USB type-C adapter of the surface brand, Make complaints about the USB-C switch, and Microsoft tasked: "if you love USB TYPE-C, you will love our converter.

▲Microsoft’s Surface USB-C dongle launches on June 29th for $79.99

Microsoft’s Surface USB-C dongle will be available to business customers later this week. A Microsoft spokesperson tells The Verge that it’s pricing the dongle at $79.99 for commercial users,   and it will be available through typical business purchasing channels on June 29th. The dongle will plug into the new Surface Pro and Surface Laptop devices, and provide USB-C support for accessories.

Source: Microsoft's surface usb-c dongle launches on June 29th for $79.99

This device is currently priced at 79.99 US dollars (about 523 yuan). Microsoft seems to have done a lot of preparatory work for the surface connector interface. After the connection, the USB type-C interface transferred from the surface will be able to carry out video signal output and high-speed data transmission. Of course, it also includes PD charging from the USB type-C device (charging head can also be used)


Microsoft's official statement is that the implementation of corresponding functions depends on the USB type-C docking station used by users. However, if you have a USB type-C device that supports these features, you should be able to bypass the inconvenience of hanging another docking station, not to mention that the size of the official USB type-C adapter is almost catching up with the surface standard power adapter

If you want to use Microsoft's official USB type-C adapter to power the connected monitor or notebook, you need to connect an external power supply that can provide 12V / 27W power. The compatibility of the adapter is limited to the latest version of surface pro and surface laptop. Surface Pro 4 and old surface devices can not be used

Microsoft will start selling USB type-C adapter to business users in the official mall on June 29. It is not clear when it will be officially open to all users in China. However, it is estimated that it will soon go online. As a spectator of Amazon e-commerce, you can plan product design!

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